Our Repair Department


If you are in the New Jersey - New York Metropolitan area you will be interested to know that during our 30 years of existence, we have been providing high grade repair and restoration service to area string players . We offer a complete service from minor gluing to major restoration. We also known nationwide for our bow rehairing and repair service. Instruments may be brought in on a "by appointment" basis for a no cost estimate of repair work. Some of the proceedures which we perform on a regular basis are:


 Bridge Fitting

 Fingerboard Redressing

 Fingerboard Replacement

 Peg Fitting

 Peg Hole Rebushing

 Tailgut Replacement

 Sound Post Adjustments and Replacement

 Plate Cracks - Internal and External Repair

 Bow Rehairing and Recambering

 Insurance Appraisal

 Bass Bar Regluing or Replacement

 Routine Maintenence and Set Up

 Seam Gluing

 Bow Tips and Grips

 Varnish Restoration Work